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Solventless Live Rosin, Bubble Hash, Moroccan Hash


Where did bubble hash get its start?

Bubble hash’s popularity has its ties to some of the California cannabis industry’s veterans, with some of the earliest recorded mentions of perfecting ice water techniques for mass consumption being perfected in Amsterdam by Sadhu Sam, Mila Jansen – AKA “The Hash Queen”, and Marcus Richardson, AKA “Bubbleman. Although the method of creating bubble hash had gained popularity in the 1980’s, some have said it existed in Pakistan and Afghanistan in the 60’s and 70’s. We may never know the true origins of it, but one thing we know now is that this technique provides clean, potent, concentrated hash that beautifully bubbles as you smoke it, giving it its unique name.

How is it made?

The process to make bubble hash starts with the highest quality fresh harvested flower. Using a reverse osmosis water purification system, we create an ice water bath and hand wash all of our material. The ice water bath allows the trichomes to fall gently from the bud, preserving the integrity of the flower and trichomes.

After the ice water bath, we filter out the plant matter to get the best pull of pure resin. Once we have the initial batch of prime resin, we gather, freeze dry, send it for testing, and then package it.

Why Bubble Hash?

It’s a versatile, semi-melt concentrate that can be dabbed, used as a bowl topper, or layered into a joint. At GreenStone Manufacturing, the best and highest quality bubble hash fulfills it’s destiny by being transformed into Rosin. To ensure the end product is pure, clean, and clear of contaminants, we lab test before and after the hash making process. Giving our customers full-confidence they’re receiving the highest quality solventless products is both a mission and an honor we take on with pride.