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Partner Farms

At Greenstone Manufacturing, the quality of our hash comes not only from our traditional processing methods but also from the material sourced from the highest quality cannabis growers. It’s just one factor that sets us apart from other producers in Oklahoma.

The majority of our partners are greenhouse growers using natural methods to nurture and support clean cannabis cultivation from start to finish.

Our Partner Farms

Learn more about our trusted cannabis growers.

Happy Hour Medicinals

Happy Hour Medicinal is based out of Tulsa, Oklahoma and known for their high standards for growing flower. This farm takes growing quality cannabis and maintaining rigorous compliance seriously. Happy Hour Medicinal has more than 50 years of combined growing experience that is evident in the cannabis they produce.

Just Jane

Just Jane grows hand-crafted cannabis. They individually inspect plants, water and trim by hand, and take an overall “hands-on” approach to growing. This Moore, Oklahoma, grow operation provides curated, quality, lab-tested cannabis from their indoor grow facility while supporting the community and the OK cannabis industry.

Little River Farm

Little River Farm provides us with curated cannabis, focused on creating the highest quality while using the most natural methods possible. With self-produced fish fertilizer and opaque panels that expose growing plants to the different moon phases, this farm goes to great lengths to cultivate the definition of natural cannabis. The most potent thing they use for combatting bugs is neem oil, a natural oil popular among organic farmers. We appreciate that level of clean.

Troy Buds

Troy Buds has spared no expense to create an all organic, state-of-the-art indoor grow in Oklahoma City. Troy Buds offers a diverse variety of strains with strong genetics carefully selected from the top seed banks. They typically have over 20+ strains in their facility! Troy Buds grows using meticulously chosen organic nutrients and soils. Their passionate team of plant caretakers uses science-backed grow principles to achieve optimal results throughout the plant life cycle. They love what they do and they’re grateful for the opportunity to bring quality medicine to the patients of Oklahoma.

We buy from growers with:

  • Indoor grows only
  • Organic cultivation standards
  • Reduced chemical exposure where possible

Are you interested in becoming one of our partner growers?

    (405) 837-6709

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