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Solventless Live Rosin, Bubble Hash, Moroccan Hash

Our Methods

Our cannabis processing method of creating solventless hash is what makes it so unique and why we stand out from other cannabis processing companies in Oklahoma. The Greenstone Manufacturing process produces the highest quality and most potent Moroccan hash for our clients. Take a look at the Greenstone process.

cannabis processing method

Grower Selection

Our production process starts with selecting the best cannabis farmers in Oklahoma. Our partnerships are more than financial transactions. We invest time getting to know the growers and their business model. We learn about their cultivation techniques down to each additive used in the process. If a grower’s values do not closely align with ours, then it’s not the right fit.  But when we find a grower we can trust, we develop a lasting and transparent relationship. You might even say we become best buds. We regularly secure high-quality materials to be sealed up for hash production.

Processing Time

Whether we are producing Moroccan hash, bubble hash, or rosin we separate the trichomes from the plant material to isolate the flavorful, medicinal components. This is what we use to create our Moroccan hash and bubble hash. A select portion of the most sought after material will go on to create our flagship product, small-batch cold-cured, live hash rosin.

cannabis processing method

Applying Pressure

The last step in producing both Moroccan and rosin is all about pressure. Whether it’s hand-pressing gorgeous golden kief bricks or pressing bubble hash in our press to create our top-of-the-line live rosin, the correct pressure is how magic is made.

Production Facility Standards

Making Water a Priority

Because we produce a concentrated product, it’s essential to the health of our clients that we follow very high production standards, down to the water used in our cannabis processing method. The water in our geographical area has extremely high levels of Chromium 6 (think Erin Brockovich). To alleviate worry and ensure our water is the best it can be, we installed a reverse osmosis system. We believe it is vital to clean the water while also removing chlorine, fluoride, and other similar chemicals.  We strive to protect people’s health and will spend whatever is necessary to produce a top-quality product free of contaminants.

Facility Cleaning Procedures

Our facility is never cleaned with toxic or synthetic chemicals. We love people, the environment, and our finished products too much to harsh their vibe.

We use all-natural plant-based cleaners with anti-fungal, anti-bacterial, anti-viral, antiseptic, and antimicrobial properties. Using nature-based products creates a toxin-free, high-vibe atmosphere in which our production takes place. In doing so, we are harnessing the power of plant cleaners to raise our space to a frequency where the cannabis plant can open up and offer her gifts to their fullest potential! As a result, our space is full of yummy terpenes- from the cleaning products we use to the hash our clients crave.

Respect for the Laws of Nature

We understand there is a harmony that can and should exist between our mind, body, and the world in which we live. Tapping into this harmony is what allows our bodies to heal. But electromagnetic stress, contaminants in the environment, and an overabundance of technology can disrupt that harmony. We use scientifically-based healing vibrational frequencies to support the wellness of our employees and lower EMF stress. We believe this is important when using our cannabis processing methods and creating our plant medicine, and it’s one more reason we never use chemical solvents, which can impact this harmony. The results are palpable!