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Solventless Live Rosin, Bubble Hash, Moroccan Hash

The Cannabis Processing Team

Let us introduce you to our family.

A family affair — seriously.

When Richard and Araiah set out to create GreenStone Manufacturing, their goals were to teach their kids how to run their own business, give back to the community; and to leverage savings to build a fun company and provide a good income to their employees while they are young and need firm support- especially their kids who work hard every day to grow their enterprise. It’s the Lebanese way. Hashish, and business skills, are in the cannabis processing team’s blood.

Each member of the team was asked a series of “get to know you questions” to share with our clients. Interestingly, when asked about who they most admired within the company, all of the kids said one or both of their parents, while both of the parents said they most admired their kids!

Does a cannabis processing team get any better than this!?

cannabis processing team

Julian Jazzar

Hash & Concentrate Producer

After working in the foodservice industry, Julian realized he was much better suited for a role that can make a difference in the lives of others. His family’s resilience is a source of inspiration, and his drive to pursue higher education is something that fuels him every day. Julian loves using cannabis to explore the depths of his mind and has many favorite strains including Blue Dream and Purple Haze.

Julian would love to see more people use cannabis to invest in discovering more about themselves and their creative potential — like they would a friend.

Carmen Jazzar

Production Manager

Carmen’s introduction to cannabis started out like most, pretty low quality bud in highschool. She did not see how different the world of cannabis could be until she visited Europe and Africa in her early 20’s and was introduced to classic Hashish. That opened up her world to the creativity of concentrates and the medicinal education that came with that. What a full circle moment going from smoking hash in the streets of Copenhagen. to three years later, running a hash lab!

Carmen would love to see nationwide decriminalization and legalization of cannabis so people no longer sit in prison for something that makes others millions. 

cannabis processing team

Angelica Worley

Marketing Director

From social media, to fabulous and FUN events, to traditional marketing; it’s clear what drives Angie — ART! As the creative mastermind behind GreenStone Manufacturing, Angie works to make sure clients know that GreenStone Manufacturing is approachable and friendly while also encouraging people to learn more about themselves while consuming our products.

If cannabis were legal everywhere, Angie would love to see people use it to wake up, raise their level of consciousness and chill TF out.

Araiah Jazzar


Working as a bio-energetic healer has allowed Araiah the opportunity to share the blessings that come from natural healing and plant medicine. While building GreenStone Manufacturing, Araiah most loves working side-by-side with her husband and children, who keep her youthful and full of fun. Working together to grow something that will not only give back to them but also to their community is a gift to her. In her words, she loves “helping people tap into their inner divine design of automatic healing” and reconnect with the natural world. “Seeing people heal on all levels is a thrill for me to witness.”

If Araiah had a magic wand, she would use it to gift everyone with the insight they need to eliminate suffering and heal themselves, helping them to tap into their divine design and unlimited potential.

Richard Jazzar


While Richard is not a smoker like most of the family, he’s fully immersed in the GreenStone Manufacturing experience. He loves watching his family grow their company, but also grow as individuals. His problem-solving skills are evident in all the work he does from managing the books to procurement and everything in between.

Richard would love to see cannabis as a way to improve the health of people in his community and is excited by the opportunity to educate those around him and share the fruits of his labor.