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Solventless Live Rosin, Bubble Hash, Moroccan Hash

Moroccan Cannabis Processing

Let’s start with the basics of Moroccan cannabis processing

When you smoke cannabis, you combust both the flower and the cannabinoids that deliver the euphoric feeling of being “high”. Although many people consume cannabis flower without issue, to get the full therapeutic benefits of cannabis, you really want to utilize the terpenes and cannabinoids which reside in the trichomes or crystal-like sticky outer coating on cannabis flowers, also known as kief. Kief alone is quite potent because it contains terpene and cannabinoid-filled trichomes with much higher concentrations of THC than flower alone. There are many ways to isolate and collect kief for a cleaner smoking experience devoid of the actual flower. However, some of those processes involve harsh chemicals and solvents. And just so we’re clear, one thing GreenStone Manufacturing will never do during Moroccan cannabis processing is utilize synthetic chemicals in the process of creating our products. In fact the only things we utilize to make our products are ice, water, heat and pressure.

How is Moroccan hash made?

The existence of Moroccan hash has dated back centuries. It is likely the oldest form of cannabis concentrate and it originated in the Middle East, just like our Lebanese family. It’s one of the cleanest and most direct forms of consuming the most potent component of cannabis. When GreenStone Manufacturing makes our popular Moroccan hash, we first receive cannabis flower which has been collected at peak harvest from our local grow partners. The strains of cannabis flower we select are coated in thick trichomes filled with a full spectrum of terpenes and cannabinoids. We manually extract the kief to make it fall off the bud and accumulate. It is then collected and pressed into Oklahoma’s richest 50-gram Moroccan hash bricks. Choose one-gram packages or full bricks for a unique display in your dispo!

Why Moroccan Hash?

Incorporating solventless Moroccan hash is one of the best ways to enhance your smoking experience. It adds a clean and concentrated medicinal benefit to whatever you are smoking. You can consume your cannabis without having to go over the top with intimidating or expensive rigs, blow torches, or other specialized consumption tools needed for other concentrated forms of cannabis.

Although Moroccan Hash is concentrated, it’s different from bubble hash or rosin (more on these types later). Because of its low-melt profile, it’s not meant to be dabbed or burned at a high temperature. It’s best consumed on its own, crumbled into your favorite smoking piece, added to a joint, or mixed in/layered on top of cannabis flower as a bowl topper. Doing so boosts the smoking experience and adds to the medicinal value of your session, because you’re utilizing the most medicinal and potent part of the cannabis plant.

For this reason, many people even explore using it in the kitchen in teas and desserts like hash brownies. Regardless of how you consume it, Moroccan hash will enhance your experience!

How should Moroccan hash be stored?

The best way to keep hash made from Moroccan cannabis processing fresh and at its highest potential is to keep it in a cool, dry, dark place in a tightly sealed container. However, it is shelf-stable and keeps well if kept sealed and out of sunlight.